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James C., Chattanooga, TN

Had the catfish and 3 sides for lunch. It was fantastic. Everything was fresh and well prepared. The banana pudding is a must if you are having a dessert.

Ben Lee Lofgren

We took a close friend of ours to get an MRI this morning and then to therapy around noon for an hour. It was so nice for my wife and me to be able to help and visit with her today. We took her home and continued enjoying each other's company. It had been awhile. Then I mention that we were thinking of going to Home Plate for Catfish and our friend got really excited and wanted to go. So though it was only about 3:30 we all decided to go and eat right then. Of course their Catfish is always delicious there. The service is good too.I loved everything I ordered. The coleslaw that my wife had was fresh as usual and tasty, The Squash Casserole I ordered 2 helpings. It's always delicious and cooked to perfection. The hush puppies were delicious but there were only 2. I think 4 per meal would be better. I also got a side order of baked beans that tasted just right. Of course we all started out with the regular meal with just 2 pieces for $10 but I of course love fish I opted for the all you can eat so they happily upgraded me and kept bringing more until I was full and satisfied. I know I will be back again and again!

Joe C., Chattanooga, TN

First time here and it is a typical family type country restaurant with homemade food. This was about 1 PM on Saturday and not crowded at all. Lots of booths along each side and tables in the middle. Parking is on the street but did not see any meters so must be free. They have daily specials and the portions are large and more than enough. Oh, they don't have alcohol (-1) but since I was riding with a couple of other "bikers", I reluctantly went in.
It has a good selection of food from burgers to chicken tenders and soap and salads. I ordered the meatloaf (made with ketchup) and it came with 3 sides; I had fries, onion rings, corn and a corn muffin. I know weird. It came with 2 slices of meatloaf and while just a little dry it was very good. The two guys I was with had been here and seem to know have the staff and they of course, loved their meals. The three of us ate for about 30 dollars not including tips (2 of us only had water so and they had no beer so saved some money there).
Nice family type restaurant with home cooking with a friendly staff and very reasonable prices.

Stephanie Kelly

Guys and Gals of all ages!! This place goes above and beyond with customer service. The staff went above and beyond with assisting us but the icing on the cake was when our card wouldn't work and they trusted us to head to the nearest ATM.
It was a huge hit with my family and we will be back!
OH!! Visit on a Friday night because it is all you can eat catfish! Yummy!!

Brenda C., Ringgold, GA

My husband & I absolutely love Home Plate & two weeks ago we took our 12 year old granddaughter with us. She loves O'Charley's shrimp, but she said the Home Plate's fried shrimp put it to shame. That was the first time I had the chocolate creme pie, my granddaughter brought it to my attention, and it is absolutely the best I have ever tasted! They also have us huge pieces, hers was about a third of the pie!! They are not stingy with their servings of the food either. This past weekend she was here & Friday night she said, you know where we should go tomorrow & I asked her where & she said Home Plate!! They also have a very good salad bar. I highly recommend Home Plate if you want a great home cooked meal!

Joshua Potter, Ringgold, Georgia

I love the food been coming since the day it opened my issue however was the service was sub par 5 people waiting tables but they all stayed on there phones and we had to wavy them down for service had to ask for refills

Gary N., Chattanooga, TN

This was my first visit here with the suggestion of Steven L. And I was not disappointed. I had the chicken and dressing special. It was very good with a side of bake beans and mashed potatoes. Looks like down town has been getting some overdue upgrades and it shows. New sidewalks, refreshed exterior and at for the inside it looks new. Very much a local hometown feel with great service and friendly staff.
If I'm in the area again I would not hesitate to return. If I were local this would be on my weekly lunch rotation.

Robin Stemberg

My friend suggested Home Plate Grill as a place to hold a business meeting when another restaurant in town was not very friendly at all and did not even return my call about holding our chapter meetings there! However, Home Plate's manager Brandon was very accommodating and welcomed our business group to hold its weekly meetings there! I was already impressed!
When our group arrived our tables were ready and the serving staff took great care of us!
The best part however was the food! Their BBQ pork was amazing, not dry like most places in the area. The salad bar was surprisingly fresh and clearly NOT bagged lettuce. A woman in our group got the fried catfish and I was instantly jealous that I didn't order it! She said it was absolutely delicious! (I'll be ordering that next time for sure!) All the portions were very generous and the prices were great!
I'm actually glad the other restaurant did not work out because I may not have discovered the Home Plate Grill! Thanks everyone for a great experience for us! We will see you again next Friday!

Steven L., Southaven, MS

I like this restaurant. I wish there was a restaurant like this closer to where I live. I believe the owner likes baseball because it has a baseball theme to it. Thus, Home Plate Grill.
The customer service was excellent. The waitresses kept my sweet tea full at all times. They even gave me a sweet tea to go -for the road home.
It is the simple truth: Home Plate Grill knocked one out of the park on this visit. It was so good, I wouldn't mind bringing my friend or friends again.
Menu items ordered: chicken a dressing, sweet potato casserole, fried okra, and for desert banana pudding. The chicken and dressing was not separated but instead mixed together for great taste.
Location: it's located down town Ringgold, GA. It's also in a very nice area and looks like the town of Ringgold has been renovating down town. There's newly built sidewalks out front.

Lisa Evans, Chatsworth, Georgia

I have had dinner 3 times at Home Plate Grill. Each time has been exceptional. I have been with a group each time of between 15 and 20 or 25 people and the service was absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend the BBQ chicken sandwich with potato logs. Very tasty! All the veggies are very good also. You won't go wrong if you choose to eat at Home Plate!

Brad C., Chattanooga, TN

I really think 3.5 is more accurate here. This is a nice example of a small local place with great service and good, simple food that is good but doesn't rise above average by too much.
We stopped in for lunch on a Saturday. Not crowded but busy. It's a seat yourself place with two rows of 4-top tables. against the walls and 6-tops down the middle.
The menu is basic. A few salad choices, sandwiches, and hamburgers. The also have BBQ choices from Choo Choo BBQ available and a number of country diner-type sides. They also have regular specials made especially for each day.
I went with the BBQ pork platter, substituted the salad bar for one of my 3 sides and then mac-n-cheese and hash brown casserole to round it out. My wife chose chicken fingers, green beans, the salad bar and also the mac-n-cheese.
The salad bar is small but everything was very fresh.
I have to interject here that the service was great and very quick. We hadn't eaten but a few bites of our salad before the entrees showed up.
The bbq was very good. My wife said the chicken fingers were also great: hand-breaded and very tasty. We both felt that the Mac n cheese was really bland, as was the hashbrown casserole. Pepper helped but both could use a little recipe upgrade.
Overall, though, good food and excellent friendly service make this a place we'll stop in again. Recommend you give it a try.

Vicki Chandler Thompson

The last time I had eaten chicken and dressing there, the gravy was not good. I ate there Thursday night and everything was just excellent and so fresh. The gravy was smooth as silk and tasted wonderful! All our other entrees were delicious also.

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